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"COVID-19 and its Outcome" by Asiyih Mariapan

It erupted from the depths.

Explosion of new things, we are inept.

Something happened out of place,

It took a while to see what we will face.

We have locked ourselves inside,

but will we find peace in where we reside?

“Please stay home, and wear a mask.”

I still saw people who wonder and ask.

I would unknowingly scroll (on social media),

and witness something that puts me on hold.

A friend out with another;

without any mask to shield or cover.

Forty days and forty nights,

the world was split into different sides.

“This is a living nightmare!”

yet all I see is a world in repair.

Trees and flowers are blooming,

and all air pollution is reducing.

Birds singing their melody;

scary neighbours with calmer energy.

It’s a therapeutic time.

To breathe and meditate, it’s a sign.

Problems are being pushed aside,

because now it’s the time to be alive.

Positive beats negative;

whether it’s with a blow or two.

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Mar 19, 2021

Full of wisdom and pure grace. Asiyih, knowing you personally, you're not just an excellent poet, but, a great artist as well. Keep it coming Asiyih! At present, the world is going through significant challenges and we need people like you who speak life and hope!

Mar 24, 2021
Replying to

Thank you uncle!

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