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"Looking Forward" by Sonia

When will we go back to normal? We ask

Will things return to the past?

When will we be together again?

And when we do, will it last?

All these answers, we do yearn

As if we must turn ‘round, return

Why not proceed in certainty

That from these novel times, we’ll learn?

We squint to see the sun through clouds

And though the future looks unsure

Why dwell on the poison of this time?

When we can join in search for cure?

A rise in cases, we are aware

And for those poor souls, we surely care

Connection is something we have found

It’s a global crisis, we’re all there

We see this strife, we see this war

This pandemic flooding shore to shore

But when we stop and look for land

Then, we’re not drowning anymore

We gaze at the boundless sky

The hole that once did occupy

Our hearts and in the atmosphere

We’re closer to a healthy sphere

They say this disease steals your days

Everything past is now a delay

But what’s given is a gift of time

To try new things in a different way

We’ve opened our eyes to neighbors

Healthcare workers, we’ve crowned

But still, we must keep working on

The poor, the homeless and those around

While this agitation takes the year

People wait for the smoke to clear

But when it does clear out one day

I hope we step through a new doorway

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