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"My Mirror Reflected A Rainbow" by Abril Herrera Ángel

Media lights and tags

wishes for a graphic life

layout grids, can’t fit in

monotonous colors overall

can’t find us when they draw

anxiety shapes, change this

buy that... is this all we are?

I turned the screen off

and left the mirrors behind

but just before I was gone

Refraction turned through

my eyes

My mirror reflected a rainbow

hue of luminous diversity

charming vibes change it all

I stared at the start

dived in the dark

no distinction at all

despite it, the universe shines

divine light, is as elemental

as the spirit of our hearts

back to colors: now mirrors have

shapes and sparkles, our roots

are represented, I can fit in now

I turn on the screen, it’s different this time

leave the ads and see what’s in

the souls of humankind.

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