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"The Purpose of a Sunflower" by Kiara Ehsani

What a warm cozy world.

Snuggled in the cool, moist soil below,

watching the giant green stalks towing over me,

reaching for a yellow world I am yet to know.

I urge my feeble extremities to hurry up already,

I long to lift up my face and see what’s up there.

Timidly, my pearly roots explore the world of darkness,

sifting through, absorbing nutrients, breathing in the air.

Then, ever so slowly, I feel myself unfurl.

The soft breeze stirring me up,

swaying me in the direction I need to grow.

I decide not to fight, but let it shape me to its Will.


Pure drops of life shower upon me,

My little limbs absorb all they can,

And I overflow with gratitude and glee.

Up I grow.

I start to notice life around me:

Bright faces of brilliant yellow smile up towards the sun.

They seem content. Fulfilled.

Maybe they have found their purpose.

But still, in the underbelly of the smiling faces,

there, sulk rotten-looking faces turned towards the dark soil.

Their petals resemble dried up tea bags, rugged like tinfoil.

These one don’t seem to grow as well.

But why do they turn towards the soil when there is such a beautiful world above them?

Maybe they search for their purpose in the dirt.

I decide to stop focusing on others' choices.

There is something greater waiting for me.

I place my whole energy into moving up,

so I can one day one reach the light

that only touches those that grow towards it.

So that is what I must do.

Maybe this is what I was created to do.

I let the wind turn and sway me

so that my entire being angles towards the sun.

I lift up my face to the sweet drops of grace.

And there, I break through the shadows and into the light.

What a bright, glorious world!

The warmth is like nothing else.

To think I once found comfort in the dirt below,

when the whole time, this was waiting.

And there I stand, turned to the source of all being.

Filling myself to the brim with

every drop of Grace,

every ray of Providence,

every breath of Bounty.

This is my purpose.

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