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"Ocean Secrets" by Layli G.

The sun rises.

Gold against a pink and orange streaked sky.

Sunlight pours over the awakening sea.

A perfect day on the open ocean.

Waves roll and crash against a cliff.

Birds scatter to the safety of the rocks.

Dolphins leap and play in the waves.

Otters dive for their seafood breakfasts.

Seals bark from their perches on rocks.

Pelicans and gulls swoop into the water to fish.

Below the surface it’s just as active.

Seaweed sways in the current.

Little fish flit in and out of the shadows.

A sea turtle cruises through the seagrass.

Colorful fish hide in the coral.

Starfish, clams, and barnacles cling to the rocks.

Jellyfish drift lazily in the current.

But all perfect days must come to a close.

A storm whips up quickly as all storms do on the open sea.

Lightning flashes in the distance.

Thunder rumbles.

The animals take cover where it is safe.

The birds to their nests on the cliff.

The otters to their kelp beds.

The seals to the water.

The fish to the hidden holes in the coral.

Rain and wind batter the water and the cliffs all day long.

Huge waves lash at the shore.

The water around the animals churns and foams.

Then, at the end of the day, the dark clouds part.

The rain stops and the waves calm.

The wind reluctantly slows to a warm and gentle breeze.

All of the animals come out of hiding to retreat to their homes.

A brilliant ebony sky shines with a million stars.

The full moon’s reflection gleams on the water’s surface.

Everything is quiet, except for the sound of the water lapping at the beach.

The stars twinkle in the night sky.

Moonlight ripples over the dark blue water.

Then, as if night had never fallen, the sky lightens.

Pink, orange, and gold.

The sun rises.

A new day has begun...

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